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Coffee Rings

Coffee Rings

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Coffee Ring Variety:

  • Almond Paste Ring. Danish ring with almond sweet paste topped with sliced almonds
  • Blueberry Crumb Ring. Blueberry muffin batter topped with streusel and powdered sugar
  • Bobka’s. We make either a cinnamon crumb Bobka or a chocolate crumb Bobka
  • Buttercake. Plain buttery Danish dough topped with crumbs and with icing
  • Cheese Crumb Ring. Danish crumb filled with cheese and topped crumbs and white icing
  • Chocolate Ring. Sweet Danish dough with a chocolaty swirl filling and iced with a dark chocolate and powdered sugar
  • Cinnamon Crumb Ring. Cinnamon muffin batter topped with streusel and cinnamon
  • Crumb Cake. Danish dough topped with a crumb streusel
  • Custard Crumb. We take our crumb cake and fill it with a custard cream filling
  • Pecan Ring. Sweet Danish dough with pecans baked inside and on top
  • Plain Crumb Ring. A round plain Danish ring topped with streusel
  • Raisin Almond Ring. Danish ring with almond paste and raisins twisted in and topped with sliced almonds

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